• hannah2194

What is Wedding Management anyway?

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been planning most, if not every single detail of your wedding for the past decade. You have the centerpieces, cake flavor, venue, and everything else picked out down to the last detail. You’ve got some friends who, for some odd reason, take no interest in that sort of detail and opted to go for a full-blown wedding planner. Yup, I’m talking J-Lo, romantic comedy, headset-wearing wedding planner. That planner is going to iron out all of those details for your friend’s wedding and I’m sure it will be great.

But if you would cringe at the idea of someone else selecting table cloths, silverware, and floral decorations for your big day maybe wedding management is for you.

Enter the Wedding Management Team. You’re right hand-gal who is going to make sure your day goes perfectly. A day of coordinator is most likely like having a second-best friend on your wedding day. One extra set of hands doing all of the tasks that you will be too busy to handle yourself. Could you imagine how much you could get done if there was just one extra copy of you to sit in the back, watching your back as you walk down the aisle and making sure the cake isn’t sitting directly in the sunlight? Maybe that extra set of eyes that notices that the DJ forgot to put batteries into the mic before the Best Man gives that teary “broski” speech with your new husband? Or perhaps just that second nose to smell that the candles may have burnt a little too low?

That’s where I come in as your wedding management team. I’m not just there to oversee that your vendors and entertainment arrives in a timely manner, I’m there to take care of those fine details that would never escape your notice. When things get hectic and you simply cannot be everywhere at once, I can be that extra copy of you because in the end your day is all about you.


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