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So you just got in engaged... now what?

Congratulations! You just got engaged to your best friend! Now what?

1. Call your parents, family, and closest friends. Don’t let the ones closest to you find out about your exciting news on social media.

2. Celebrate! You may have been waiting for this day for 10 years or you knew right away this is your person. Either way take the time to celebration your engagement as it will go quickly.

3. Get the ring sized. You don’t want your gorgeous new engagement ring falling off while you’re out on a walk with the dog. Make sure the ring fits perfectly so you can show it off to everyone #RingSelfie

4. Sit down with your brand-new fiancé to set a realistic budget. Are your parents going to pay for parts? Are the two of you responsible for the entire wedding?

5. Decide what is most important to the two of you and make sure your budget reflects that. Are you both huge foodies? Create a large budget for food. Are you dead set on a donut wall instead of cake? No problem, make sure you have the money set aside. Deciding the most important parts of the day before you start planning will keep you both grounded.

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