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Should you host your wedding on a holiday?

So, with the Christmas fast-approaching you might be wondering if Christmas, or Holidays in general are a good time for a wedding. It makes sense right? People are already off, inlaws are coming to town anyway, so why not just add the wedding in and make things easier for everyone?

Maybe not the best idea.

You’re not the only one who thinks this way. It’s a common misconception and not just during the winter holidays but any widely celebrated Holidays, both religious and federal. People want to celebrate your big day, but they don’t want to give up their vacation time. I know it seems completely counter-intuitive but the truth is that a lot of your friends have their own families and probably prefer to spend long stints away from work, especially when talking about the big holidays.

Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Fourth of July. Those are major holidays. Christmas is during winter break for kids, Easter is usually close to spring break, and Thanksgiving and fourth of July are small windows of vacation time. The added caveat with the fourth of July is you are really contending with people spending a day with the family in beautiful weather, but if you live in Wisconsin, you know that can be few and far between some summers.

Yes, your wedding should be about you and it can be all about you but you have to keep in mind that asking people to spend those major holidays definitely crosses the line into being inconsiderate in terms of other people’s time. Put yourself in their shoes. You and you’re new squeeze are looking to go up to a lake for the fourth of July because you only get x many days of time off and he keeps talking about his boat. Over Christmas he’s assisting watching his siblings who are still in school. It’s your first Christmas together and your parents are flying in from California, you haven’t finished decorating the house and you have to wrap up all the shopping. Thanksgiving goes by in such a blur of food comas and black Friday deals.

Now imagine a friend asking you to attend their wedding on top of your first Christmas together or near one of the three-day weekend holidays. Yes, you love your friend, but chances are you’re family has had that trip to the Rockies planned since last spring. Do you really want to leave your mother-in-law unattended in your home when you know she can’t stand how you decorated the tree?

You have an extra three day weekend from work, do you want it to be mandatory for you to have to go to a wedding right on that Saturday? Right in the middle of your weekend? Wouldn’t you rather use that extra day to travel to that new winery that just opened up? Or catching up on the house, when is the last time the kids bathroom had a deep cleaning? The point is that you most likely don’t want to give up that extra day off to a wedding.

Now, the counterargument to this is, well, if your friends don’t want to give up a Saturday on a three day weekend why would they come to a wedding on a normal Saturday? The answer is simple, yes. Your friends love you and want to be there to celebrate with you! Just don't make them choose between time with their own families and your big day.


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